Everyday Queen

Ever since the moment I learned how to think

I watch the others around me struggle and sink

I thought to myself "That'll never be me"

I'll be something special for the world to see


My heart is an artist 

And my head is a business 

I'm not always the smartest

But my soul's settled in this

Journey for joy 

But unlike other girls

It doesn't come from a boy


I want to be beautiful 

Larger than life

An artist, an actress, not a housewife

If I can't be that,

Then a big CEO 

I've outgrown this small town

That serves as my own


Something inside of me's alive and aflame

It's gotten me through years of desperation, self blame

I need it to live

To keep me afloat 

It feeds inside me

A last spark of hope


That I could be better

A beautiful me

Something extraordinary 

Strong as the sea

Aglow like a fire

A spitting live wire

I'm more than I seem

I'm an everyday queen

My brain is my scepter 

My heart is my crown


I need to be special

I need to feel loved

But most of all

I need a niche in the world that fits like a glove


Say that I'm crazy, I'll never be queen 

But it's too late for that

Because of my dream


Whatever you do, it matters not now

I'll conquer MY world no matter how


At the end of the day

All I think that I need

Is the dream that is thriving deep inside me

It's abstract and it's quiet 

It's hard to describe 

But if I didn't believe it

I wouldn't have tried

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