Every Premeditated Killing Of A Human Being Is Murder

Readers, is there really a difference between capital punishment and murder?
Let us examine the definition of murder that we find in the encyclopaedia
Murder is defined as “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another”
The first thing to consider is that laws cannot change reality, murder is murder
And laws cannot make killing wrong in one situation and right in another

If a court established that a person committed a premeditated killing of someone,
No doubt the jury would find the person guilty of murder in the first degree
Judiciaries plan executions and states plan wars, this is in fact premeditation
Anybody who plans to kill a human being for any reason has a murderous intent
Some governments slyly attempt to justify killing people by wars and executions

International law regards the use of chemical and biological weapons as unconventional
What do the guileful lawmakers of the world call lethal injection and gas chamber?
Many countries have nuclear weapons and deadly viruses to kill off humankind
Our leaders and their security forces are the worse kinds of murderers in the world
They devise the most brutal ways to kill people and they call this justice

Some wicked individuals claim self-defence when they kill someone intentionally
Let us say someone made an attempt on your life and you got the upper hand
You disarmed the person and he or she was at the mercy of your discretion
If you killed the person, it would be cold-blooded murder, not self-defence
But if you killed an assailant to protect your life, it would be an actual self-defence

Mankind does not know the mysteries of life and nobody will ever be able to create life
There is no difference between an execution and any other deliberate killings
Nobody should take the life of another no matter what crime the person committed
Abolish capital punishment because it is revenge and murder, not justice
In my book, it is murder to think out or plan to kill a human being and then do it

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