Every Moons Ponder

Tue, 01/12/2021 - 19:23 -- xonofre

Every moon sparks passion 

Never do I dream of sleeping

But instead, my mind twinkles in sequence. 

All I've ever done, all I've ever known.

Please don't let them show

I do not wish to know.

The owls hooing to the air

hang upon the rooting branch

looking to stop and stare

looking to pass their glance.

Hopeful to once find their piece of prey 

Hopeful to once find peace, I pray

not to any god of certain,

or to soothe or calm my burden.

But to vanquish torment to the hearts who put hurt in.

To unchain the souls who fell at the convince of a devilish bargain.

To deepen the connection between the mind and the hardened.

This is what I wish to show, to confine the rest and hold them below. 

To let no one know of the ever done and the ever know. 

Could these thoughts be my own to keep, or will they soon find expression?

Will they haunt me in my daily life? Ruin my complexion? 

These are all the questions I continue to ponder.

In the dusk of light, I continue to wander

through mind of night.

Becoming dim and somber,

 I possess the will to fight no longer.

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