Every day Thoughts

Now is more important than yesturday.

every day I wonder 

if things will stay.

gifted for the most unreasonable reasons.

So day after day,

To wonder "what if"? 

Will tomorrow be better

than yesturday?

i am viciously cautious 

for consistency. 

Ever so weak 

to be some thing good.

to be perfect in every way possible. 

Evening thoughts turn to the black night

reviewing the things

i could do right, 

spacious are my surroundings.

pretending I do not see, 

every day becomes more vague.

Continously doubting xmy instincts 

To wonder 

To pray 

will I be good enough?

i see the palm trees, 

i hear the whistling wind. 

A vigorous feeling

bloomed into my soul, 

every day is a new tomorrow. 

Poised in my inner thoughts

I have opened a cracked smile. 

I wil keep this

Phenomenal glow,

to reach to the stars.

i will never let go. 

Vibrant with life itself

My evening thoughts turn to moonlight white. 


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