The Everlasting Power of a Grandmother's Love


I need you.

Maybe your presence would cure the ache of the lonlieness.

You've always had a way with making places feel like home. 


I find comfort in the shelter of your embrace. 

Maybe your sweet, motherly voice could tame my dreaded fear of seclusion.

You've always had a way with words.


I find peace in your existence.

Maybe your aged wisdom could guide me through this unforseen predicament. 

You've always been clever even in the stickiest of situations. 

Maternal forebear.

I envy your soul's journey.

Maybe your hard fought battle through life could give me an inside look on what surviving really is.

You've always been able to keep me sane.

But here I am.

Sitting on this island.

All I need is you.





This poem is about: 
My family


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