Ever since I was a


Ever since I was a child,

I was always considered mild

Couldn't I misbehave like the others?

They had so much fun

Even though all they did was run

But I think I'll be good and sit by the mothers


I'm mature for my age, I don't cause trouble

She says this to her friends and I take a double

She must be right so I'll make her proud

I will behave and think like I'm grown

But I see the world and it makes me moan

Candy and play are for children I say aloud


Here I am, an adult at last

I think of the innocent pleasures I had past

It's too late to be silly, it's the time to be mature

But now I have found a loophole

To retrieve the sweet fun hasty maturity stole

I'll live in my books and there you'll finally see my true nature


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