Event Horizon Escapades

Sat, 10/15/2016 - 22:45 -- lukeg

Dragged out of bed, still feel half dead,

The only cure, is coffee they said,

For a while it’ll suffice, and feel like paradise,

But could someone procure, some better advice,


The first few steps feel, like the floor is about to squeal

I'm already easily distracted, everything gets so surreal, 

sitting peacefully at last, no longer dwelling on the past, 

the moments I have extracted, will surely be unsurpassed


Having a million puppies, cute and fluffy,

Would be better than, any amount of money,

But that’s just a dream, half-baked scheme,

haunting my lifespan, it’s the same reoccurring theme,


sounds continuously cascade, going on their tirade,

any form of shame, creates a meaningless crusade,

there’s nothing to fear, no matter the time of year,

it’s always the same, honesty will persevere,


hopefully now I’m awake, if not another coffee break,

then play some guitar, or go jump in the lake,

laying in the sun, could never be outdone,

unless there were, some form of a hierophant


Maybe read a book, or find something to cook,

Just find something fun, that depends on your outlook,

What I need may change, and sometimes can be strange,

When it’s said and done, it's all worth any exchange,


Somethings just don’t go away,

Stagnancy till there’s no reason to stay,

Sometimes the only reason to live today,

Is to be able to see, another person's happy face.

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