Evening Storm

He grabs my arms
He grabs my leg
I scream
I shout
I cry
I beg

He drops me on the wooden floor
His rage continues
I don't want it no more

He kicks my body
I am in fright
He kicks my body -
More slapping tonight

I stumble over to the kitchen drawers
I cannot take it no more
I grab a knife
I want to leave
Slashing my wrist
I am now at peace

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
And if I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take

I took my life
That very night
With nothing but depression
And a butcher knife

I left the hurt
I left the pain
My blood splattered on the window pane
And now you know what he did to me
And he was supposed to be my daddy.

As tears ran down her face
Rain pounded down on the ground
Her heart pounded in her ears
As the thunder clashed

Fear rushed in her veins
As her father rushed her
She felt pain throb
As glass peirced her skin

No one came to help
As her father came to her
For no one cared enough
To stop the Evening Storm


Stormie Shadle

wow!!! Goose bumps the whole time!!!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very deeply sad

your words healed you because it injected life to your soul

very compelling and graphic

continue to build off your exquisite mind

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