Evening Alaska Cruise

Foggy skys, bright full of happyness...

A firm wall of ice, cracks and misshapen forms.

Standing tall highy above the water, intil cracks appears.

Weight pulled down into the water; SPLASH!


The Falling ice crashing into the water, splashing.

Gives a huge "WOOSH", with a wave being pushed out around the fallen ice.

The was evens out within the blue ocean.

With a relaxing sound of confort.


The welcoming smell of the cold unlike home during the summer.

The ocean waters gives off a salty scent, a rain beld with the smell of my coffee.

Smelling the heat and the ticling of my nostrils, with the mixture of the cold air.


The cool breeze caressing my skin,

but feeling the warmth between my palms from my cup of coffee.

Holding steady and breathing in more warmth,

blowing the cool even breeze around my sleepy body.


Sipping slowly from my coffee, the taste of warmth fills my mouth.

Between my breath of cold chilly crisp air and the soothing sounds of the waves.

My mouth slowly becomes dry from the cold breeze, another sip... a smile.

The taste of vanilla invades my senses and forms on my taste buds.


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