Even Aphrodite can be Lonely

Society beauty standards are deceiving.

The need or want people feel just for attention or acknowlegdment from people who they may love or not love was almost like an addiciton; Although their life can be so put together or carefree, the feelings that one with beauty experience can be even worse than one who deems themselves less than a beauty standard.

Though many humans can grasp this big but basic concept of addiciton to beauty standards, could gods experience and understand this concept? Or would they brush it under the rug?

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Her beauty was always acknowledged amongst the gods, however, that could also have its cons.

Aphrodite who was married off to Hephaestus, was known for her many affairs with other gods and men alike. I believe the people amongst Mount Olympus had failed Aphrodite in a quest to find not only the pros in her beauty but her other qualities as well.

Aphrodite wasn't improperly taught how that beauty can get you almost anything, for example she even had a loyal follower, Eros, for some while. She abused this power of beauty to get her personal needs or wants without acknowledging the damage she had done to others. 

Beauty is deceiving.

I believe Aphrodite struggled with inpersonal thoughts of beauty herself, although being named the beautiful goddess. The attention Aphrodite craved for became an addiction which inflicted pain upon herself and others. 

Aphrodite was lonely.

Zeus, chose who Aphrodite would marry, without her consent. Though this may have not been a huge issue, Aphrodite found an alternative way to act out by sleeping with other gods/men to fulfill or go against the norms that Zeus set out for her.

Even when finding someone Aphrodite truly felt she loved, Adonis, a feud brewed as Persephone felt the same way.

To end the feud Zues declared that Adonis would spend half a year with Aphrodite and the other half with Persphone.

Aphrodite has never had the happily ever after many other gods could achieve, although she was corrupt, Olympus didn't see the personal issues even the beautiful goddess could experience, lonliness.

This is why beauty is deceiving.

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