Evelyn's Song

Sun, 11/08/2015 - 11:24 -- Adynna

I'm regressing deeper 

deeper into this obseesion

even knowing what it is

I can't help it

I need her 

I'm spirling

and desperate


what will i do

she's leaving

I know it

it's depressing

to know

she won't be focused on her phone as she walks in

to know 

my chocolate treats won't make her day

to know

no more of her hugs or sideways kisses


what i wouldn't give

to have her see me how i see her

what i wouldn't give 

to have her if only for a day

what i wouldn't give

to say she was mine and i was hers


but it's just a foolish dream

In love with a girl as straight as can be

obssesion at it's finest

I don't know how to get free



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