The Eulogy (Preston C. Williams III: July 11, 1992 - March 5, 2015.)

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 01:31 -- bjay

The essence of your light is of a dying breed

In a world full of fake facades and grotesque greed

You made passion, care, and joy supersede


A smile so enlightening, you couldn't help but smile yourself

Contagious, embracive, and beneficial to the soul's health.


For you were the Marty of McFlys'

Full of exuberance, with plenty of close ties

But most of all, you never wore a disguise


Your sound waves pierced the hearts of your enemies

A soul so caring, your kin grew with ease


You walked the path of the righteous man

Shepherding the weak through the valley of darkness like no other can

So well, Jules Winnfield would be your number one fan


A joy it was, to witness the everlasting kindness

Wise are those, who work towards your likeness


Now the Golden Candlelight burns brighter through your essence

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss your presence

But at least God gets to be around your effervescence


Amongst all of this Preston Williams III, I have one stipulation

Be waiting for me at heaven’s gate after these trials and tribulations.

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