I want to breathe the fresh air one more time
And step out from the confines and hear the chime
The once bright faces are now covered with masks
And our hopes are now attached to the experimental flasks
Those handshakes, hugs, and lovely smiles are forbidden
And everyone became depressed, lonely and bed ridden
The worst started with no proper burial and funeral
And saying the last goodbyes became too surreal
What we want now is just a virus free world
But what we need is some humanity uncurled
We need no Disneyland, fairytale or superheroes
We want a simple world not filled with inflated egos
Where children can dance in rain and jump in the puddles
And no one is scared to hold hands and give those cuddles
It's a dream that I dream everyday and night before I sleep
One day we will rise up for having nothing more to weep
The sun will shine again and the darkness will fade away
And the tormented and depressed will no more decay
I miss being born in the world ruled by non other than sanity
I wish for the world that is free of the virus of inhumanity

This poem is about: 
Our world


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