Roses, roses

Bloody roses

Petals at my feet

You love me not

My insides rot

My heart no longer beats

I broke my skin

I bruised my knees

I rid my sense of self

I wasted away my years of discovery 

to find in someone else

Someone who is bitter and sick

And someone who is beautiful 

So sick so beautiful

You made me sick

And told me I was beautiful

Told me I was lovely

Told me I was perfect

Bleed for me I’ll bleed for you

It’ll all be worth it

Finally I’ll be worth it

Finally I’ll be deserving of 

If I just let go and step off the edge

Take a foot off the ledge

Befriend the demons in my head

Then you’ll finally love me

Roses, roses

Bloody roses

Petals at my feet

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the stars my soul to keep

I’m already gone

No longer awake

Please set fire to my remains

As you set fire to my wounded heart

You set fire to my already bleeding  heart

And watched me burn and break apart

I melted like a candle

You breathed in the scent 

Disintegrated as sand

My ashes filled your cigarette

Much like my soul and behind my eyes

My mother is in all black

Weeping willows

Scream in pillows will never bring me back

I’ve been blown away with the wind

Washed back into the sea

Pulled beneath the surface where I’ll finally get some sleep

And wait for my love to join me

For you, I’d wait an eternity 

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