Eternal Kiss

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 16:02 -- Souls

When we kiss its all in your lips.

That the world is just spining around.

When I open my eyes its right there in your perfect eyes I see the world.

I feel myself slowly levitating.

My emotions flow from my Heart to my lips and you inhale and I release every affection of love and memory that we spent together.

As I bite your lip and began to exhale you gasp for a fresh breath of air like you were arising from the dead.

You inhale and I pull back slowly still holding your lip.

I open my eyes Seeing everything I am and want to become.

Seeing the stars the sun & the night sky begining to fall into my heart.

Your eyes are both brown & blue your heart is both warm & cold you aren't perfect because that doesn't exist.

You aren't a dream because like the stars the Sun And The Night Sky.

I See Both when I wake up and go to sleep.

You are more than reality. You are every joyful relaxing emotion I could have ever felt in a life time.


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