Eternal Flame

You were there for me when he wasn’t.

You cared for me when he didn’t.

You hugged me when he scolded me.

You held me when he pushed me away.


You taught me when he rejected me.

You kissed me when he wouldn’t.

You caressed me when he hit me.

You gave me what he couldn’t.


Your love is truer than his by far.

Your loving is better than his by far.

Your touch makes me burn with desire

And your whispers in my ear make shiver with passion.

I know now in my heart that I love you more than any other man

But the vows I made then will now keep us apart.


I swore my love to a man who cares not for me

And I tied my soul to his.

And now for this foolish mistake of my youth never again shall I feel your tender kiss.


So night after night I will kneel and I will cry,

Loving you in secret

Longing for your gentle touch;

Kissing your pictures until the day I die.


-To you my Eternal Flame.


Blood n' Bloom

This is absolutely beautiful

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