eternal beauty

Your hair is like the January Embers
My heart burns there too
YOUR eyes so dark
Like the deepest corner of the ocean
I’ve drowned myself like those lucky
Differently shaped rocks too
YOUR cheeks so soft
Like the petals of the beautiful rose flower
My rude hands have touched them too
YOUR lips are like the most beautiful curse
I’ve survived it too
Everything you have on your
Unique figure makes you so eternal
YOU don’t know that
Cause no one told you that
YOUR skin so fair
It brings my dark soul LIGHT
YOUR voice is like the sweetest nectar
My ears have tasted it too
The freckles in your smile
Makes me feel like
My heart is saying to you
“ I just want to know you better now”
YOUR elegant handwriting
YOUR beautiful compositions
YOUR sweetest sounding laugh
Makes me want to tell you every time
That you’re so eternal
And you’ll never know that
Cause the one who wants to tell you
Is out of words when he sees you...
BUT you really are an eternal beauty

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