in a harsh dark world, stained red

where screams of terror are on repeat in your head

maybe all is lost to hatred and fear but please

wait one minute my dear


the stillness inside everything

a box closed on all sides, somewhere long forgotten,

peaceful in its loneliness that is eternal


an ancient feeling that is nowhere and everywhere and everything

deep, deep within us, beyond atoms beyond quarks. there is a stillness

a peace

a calm

a love

a light


please, dear, remember 

and please, never fear

the eternal light is always here

and within all evil lies the seeds of its own destruction

buried deep inside its existence

and one day, when all life is gone, when the earth is dried and dead

the light will still be here

and when the earth is long gone, consumed by our brightest passion

and everything is cold and distant 

and stillness is all thats left

the light will still be here, keeping its heart warm

no evil

just love eternal



This poem is about: 
Our world


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