Estuary of Emotion


I swipe at my face as fresh tears run down and gather in salty pools.
A low tide has hit me,
I feel drained by the turbulence of daily life,
Constantly trying to mesh with the bigger crowd, trying to blend in.
It's changing who I thought I was.
All my life I've been the odd one out.
There are people all around me, but they don't love me.
They use me and leave me to sort myself out in the end.
Something inside me gasps for a calm in this storm.
Just as I am about to hit my very rock bottom, I see it.
I can't believe it, but I see it: a stray ray of light.
I feel it warm my face, just for an instant.
Yet, in that instant, I am reminded of something.
Tears start to well again, and this time I let them flow.
I can survive anything,
There is a loving barrier that keeps me safe from true storms.
I am special. I am unique, the only one of me the world will ever see.
Though I am but one, I can make a difference here.
The corruption that comes by me can end with me; I need not pass it on.
Who knows what I may provide for someone just by existing?
I toss my head defiantly, daring the world to bring on it's worst.
I can survive.
High tide has come.


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