I am a writer

I will write furiously

up until the last possible moments, and then I will let my words trickle into the veins of the world

and wait.

Language, written, signed, danced

is the most powerful tool we have, and expression thereof is what keeps

our hope alive.

the Constitution, The Tempest, The Lorax.

The written word has an amazing


Thinking turns to planning, planning to action,

action to consequence, and consequence to

change. They will interpret and there

will be sparks.

sparks of imagination, of

anger, sympathy, sparks of excitement,

of beliefs that grow and

spread and influence.  a word, a phrase that someone,

somewhere wrote, which in turn someone,

somewhere read and believed in.

I want my words to be at the root of someone’s epiphany.

I am a writer. I want to write.

I want to change the world.


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