the Essence of self


Unsure on this uncertainty - looking for answers in this world - trying not to bamboozled like some little girl - gave into a lot of tempation - some im not proud of - now im tryna manage sanity - seeking peace and finding God - cause you can't keep living with no future ahead  - You better off living just to find yourself dead - No longer do I wanna be a victim of my community - what happen to the days when women conversated about unity - Now I see young girls pregnant by fifteen - wanting to be flassy and noticed on every schene - between ya legs where every young boy wants to be - better yet come and find my heart - teach these boys how to finish and start - so you wont be the one left with a broken heart - its just the ins and outs to this thing we call life - searching for love and seeking advice - but real love makes you better -makes you stronger - when I found him I found myself -  to leave one's single mind and see us as a couple - "can you give me reasons"? I asked up above - yea you gave me spring but can you give me seasons - will you be my night and day - can I trust you pass the stay - the love I have for him brings light - and through him I saw a glow in me - radiant as pure as snow - ready to walk into this journey - so vulnerable I've become - fleeing from being numb - so I can embrace the moments to come - It's very new to me - and were taking it one day at a time - in this world full of objects my true love has finally revealed itself - me !


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