The Essence Of A Poem  

 Listening to a poem

 All the bones of your heart

     Broke into pieces

 And all the leaves fell one by one

 Once you asked a question

 Who do I love more?

 You or poetry

       I heard your question

                Like an exiled king

  Suddenly enters the abyss of the past

 I rebuilt you in the form of poetry

 I know and

 All the poets of the world since prehistoric times


 The reciprocity of love and poetry

 Speaking of intercourse

 I never thought of you as poetry

 Sometimes I think poetry is an accompaniment

 The complementary power of my poetry

 The anecdote I wrote about rebirth you

 Instead of being startled when you heard the poet's voice, you became detached and anxious

 Whenever I hear your sigh

 It flows into my chest

 The spring of the blood-stained water of the Tigris and Euphrates

 I loved you more than poetry

 But today you are from my world

      flew in search of another world


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