Essence of Life



Times of laughter

Times of joy

Joy experienced with friends

Joy derived from the pleasure of learning

Learning in high school

Learning in the outside world

World of possibilities

World filled with endless chances to achieve hopes and dreams

Dreams rife with endless prospects

Dreams of wild success

Success is a path paved with failures

Success is the staunch refusal to never give up

Up up up the spiraling staircase of triumph

Up up up to the brilliant luminescence of the stars

Stars twinkling, winking, watching impassively from above

Stars dusting the heavens, wise pinpricks of hope

Hope hidden, out of sight, barely out of reach

Hope flooding into the world like a tidal wave of promise

Promise me you will never leave

Promise me to always stay

Stay forever, my love

Stay beauteous, my love

Love the laughter bubbling from your lips

Love your wonderful and humorous quips

Quips satirizing the fallacies of humanity

Quips emphasizing the beauty of human nature

Nature is love personified

Nature is the embodiment of all things beautiful

Beautiful darkness, beautiful nightmare

Beautiful dream, beautiful chaos

Chaos whirling like a monstrous hurricane

Chaos turning calm in the eye of the storm

Storm raging around me

Storm lulled by the quieting presence of family

Family supporting and loving

Family remaining by my side as the backbone of my existence

Existence cold and lonely when devoid of companionship

Existence empty when barren of warmth

Warmth derived from the fires of friendship

Warmth is the flickering flame in the darkness

Darkness flooded with scintillating light

Darkness vanquished with the torch of emotion

Emotion overflowing within me

Emotion suffusing throughout my very soul

Soul of love

Soul of laughter




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