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So I sit by my window in the dark of night,

Its great panes revealing the world to me:

The great oak has been drained of its color and life,

The dandelions weep until their pedals grace the cold dirt,

The moon casts its yellow light on the dreary life below,

No birds sing, nor crickets chirp,

They all seem to have fallen off the face of the Earth.

Yet, far in the distance, there’s a shimmering light,

Bright enough to burn a human eye.

I should look away, but it’s too intriguing,

I am drawn to it; body and soul.

I know I must get closer, so I run,

I run for days, weeks, years,


Forever chasing this essence I so yearn for.

But every inch I move closer,

My essence fades away.

A goal I’ll never reach.

So I trudge back to my room.

And I look out the window into the dark of night,

At all the great pains the world reveals to me.



This poem is so tragically beautiful! You definitely take the reader on a journey with you, as I felt the constant yearning for the "essence" you were trying to grasp. The imagery is also very intense and eerie, especially with my favorite line, "The dandelions weep until their petals grace the cold dirt" and the quietness throughout. I really enjoyed this poem- keep writing! Have you ever tried to combine any of your poems with music? I think that this poem would make a wonderful song.

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