Escape into the Woods

Fri, 11/25/2016 - 13:55 -- gamer23


A wanderer,

Tries to escape his problems,



Trudging along.


Searching for what?





Why must he hike into the dark woods

Abandoning all that is behind him 

Past the road 

Full of potholes

Away from the city

Full of dreamers 

Just like him?


He owns nothing.

It was all given;

He just took.

Took and took and took,

Until his hands were full.


But his heart



His self



Even on this trail.


He admires the autumn gold

As he takes off his gold watch

Casting it to its gravel grave among golden leaves

With a fury of hate and disgust.



Walking further along,

Leaving his former self behind,

Snow begins to fall.


And he finds what he was looking for

All along,

But just walks right past her.

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