Escape from Vacation

Imagine, playing a gameof cards all relaxed
When all of a sudden someone yells "rats"
We started arguing about hwo won.
We did not notice what had begun.

My cousin was distracted from the game
Which leads him to smell and proclaim
"Fire! Fire! Fire! Get out as fast as you can"
We all found teh nearest exit and ran.

We all found ourselves on the beach gazing
All we saw was flames in teh bright night blazing.
The fire roaring, soaring and scorching.
The house was gone in less than a minute

We called our relatives to let them know
We told them not to worry when we were low
We soon found help and off we went
To a hotel which a night we spent.

Even though our house was burnt to the ground
Even though our belongings are now ash
We all made it out safe and sound
Thats another thing that I have found.
That "Family is Forever"


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