to escape to sea - you must be able to swim

Dear Dreams, 

I 'm sorry this had to come across as adrupt

I never though there would be so many things in the way

I always thought that if you worked hard enough

If you just let yourself be driven by passion

It would all sail smoothly

But it all seemed to crash

On these months of solitude and somber memories

One can only hope for the best

I am here laying down

Letting the sea take me anywhere

Because I felt as though

It was time to let it all go

After you have sailed to swerve the consequences

To avoid the risks

What more can you do

But have patience

Have love

And take a moment to decide where you want to be driven

Because dreams can survive, yes

But at times, you must learn to live for today

and that can be enough

I'm sorry for everything

I'll see you later, I promise

Please, just give me a second

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