Escape My Reality


Pen to paper

Fingers to keys

Words spitting from these blistered lips

Words that bare my soul

I hide myself behind smiles and laughter

So you don't see my pain, feel my terror

You'd never know unless you read between the blurred lines

You ask me why I write?

I write to get away from it all

To flit among the stars even though I'm in the gutter

Creating castles in the sky when I'm living in a shanty

Dreaming up silk gowns when I only have rags

Calling for a fairy godmother only to get an ogre

My outlet, my means of temporary escape

Take it all away and I'm nothing but a cripple

I know it's my weakness, my crutch

Yet I wouldn't give it up for the world

Ever had the blood rush to your head when you're scared,

Hands and legs tremble till you feel like collapsing,

Watch as your life flashes before your eyes more than once?

Once you see, once you feel all that I've experienced

Maybe then you'll know why I write

Only then will you see through my eyes


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