The Escape Artist

I sail the seas that stretch forever
A memory I will remember…

I finish my thought and drift away;
I am whisked off to another day.

Where clouds are blue and skies are gray,
Where demons laugh and angels prey.
What’s down is up and left is right,
I stand here, still – no end in sight.


O God! The horrid things I’ve seen!
Enough to turn one’s stomach green.
No need to say, no want to tell,
The monstrosities within this hell.


“What’s wrong with you; are you not well?”
The voice  now wakes me from my spell.


“No, I am fine,” I nod and smile.
She’ll never know she was speaking while
I fought a duel and went to Mars,
And even counted a thousand stars!


In dreams we live and in dreams we sleep --
In dreams we can escape for weeks!

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