My angel awaits me. 

She sees my pain, see she's my thoughts. 

She know what I may do or why I may hide. 

the blade sits there, staring at you. 

With every scar there is a story. 

And by this time my life is a book full of a universe of stories.

never to be told never to be spoken. 

To remain in the darkness the shadows of the day.

none stand for the injustice. 

A constant watch, a wait.

A blade of blood lies there on the floor. 

Thy angel knows the path you've chosen. 

Striken with sadness no going back. 

Thy angel hugs you kissing thy head and reveals another path. 

But thy pain was to much. 

Thy life is complete, while family is tortured with absence. 

To be able to ask thy bully was it worth it? Did what you say and do accomplish anything? 

Where was the origin of hate? Are your thoughts pure with the acceptance and knowledgement that you ruined a life. 

Driving them to the exit that no person should travel. 

The blade of blood sits there unraveling the truth the sadness and the escape.

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I really enjoyed this poem, it was beautiful! Good Job :) 


So sad the things people do to each other. Great write.

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