Erase Me


The first thing they tell me is that I’m “barely”


Barely Native


Barely colored


Barely aware


Barely alive


They tell me it doesn’t matter, because it’s over


Over for whom?


For you?


Or for my family?


And who are you to decide such a thing, you judger?


They tell me it’s not an insult


But it is


Because you are begging me to deny myself


Simply because it makes you uncomfortable


But let me tell you


That it’s made me uncomfortable every day of my life


They tell me that none of it is real but it is


Because I feel it under my skin


They tell me it’s over


But it’s not


Because I see it in their eyes that they carry the legacy of their ancestors’ hatred


Like I carry the legacy of my ancestors’ oppression


They tell me it’s not about the way I look


But it is


It always is


And if you deny that


Then I color you a liar


They tell me it’s not about race


But it is


It’s about race


It’s about gender


It’s about sex


It’s about class


It’s about height


It’s about weight


It’s about beauty


It’s about age


It’s about everything and nothing at all


If you decide that it is, in fact, meaningless


Then I bow to you


It’s about saying yes


And saying no


And saying maybe


And saying always


And saying Never Again


We bend in the wind because it’s easier than breaking


But if we try to tell the wind ‘no’ it turns on us


And calls us lazy cowards


But they are the cowards


So afraid of darkness in skin


So easily breakable


So easily molded


It’s about character


It’s about love


It’s about hate


It’s about you


And it’s about me


You tell me it’s not about the way I look


But it is


It always is



I love this !


Beautifuly Truthful and Truly Beautiful.


This is awesome!!!!!!!!


LOVE!! and so true.

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