"The Equation of Life"

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 13:26 -- EHa19



The Equation of Life


As I sit there in math, my teacher asks,

“Can you find the measurement of angle L?”

To my surprise, no one could figure it out,

Math has never been my best subject, but for others, it is.


There is not only one measurement,

For there is not a shape that could only have one measurement and have all sides closed, but it is a square,

Also connected with three other angles.


Each of the angles went L, H, C, and D.

As my teacher stood up, in front of the class,

He was noticeably puzzled. Us students, could not figure out these four angles,

And nor could he.


The entire class tried each possible situation,

And we were given every possible outcome.

It was as if the equation to this specific question,

Was impossible to figure out.


So could anyone figure this question out,

For any angle?

Or will this forever be a




**Angle L – Life

Angle H – Hope

Angle C – Courage

Angle D – Death 


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