We are all EQUAL Americans, this should be common sense,
but instead, for society what’s not right is rinsed
Its just as bad as Hitler and genocide,
We are all equal, who's to say we are not?
When you're pushed around and distraught,
Remember Brown vs. Board of Education?
And Rosa Parks sitting in the front seat of the bus?
Martin Luther King Jr and his dream?
Women’s Rights and oppression
And then their liberation
Native Americans forced from their lands,
And given reservations,
We’ve given back but that doesn’t make it right
We've achieved conglomeration,
but there's still some hate
We are the melting pot of the world,
And it makes it hard to please
All the cultures in the states.
This country was built on our forefathers beliefs,
But the constitution is infringed upon
And our civil rights are slipping through the cracks.
There’s little or no, first amendment rights,
If you want to protest you’re a terrorist
Now there’s something that must be done about that.
There’s civil rights violated everyday
Corruption is our new policy
The second amendment is being shredded now.
The right to bare your fire arms to protect your family
Well the president and first lady
Are surrounded by firearms to protect them
Now how can they say we’re safer without,
The guns that protect them so well.
Police maced young adults that were speaking out
At occupy wall street, what is so bad
Talking about the CEOS that spend our money
And invest it in things that don’t help this country
And only forces us in debt
Now I could get conspiratorial and talk about the nanothermite
That was found in the twin towers after 9/11
And how all that was left was copier paper and aluminum
And they say jet fuel burned so hot that it melted a hole into the ground
Building 7 was a controlled demolition and if you saw it happen,
Then you’d realize that 9/11 was a false flag operation.

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