Equality the Pre-Convied Idea in Society

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America the brave still fears of what they don’t know? A culture founded from
Oppression of stereotypical men and women, judged by their complexion of their pigment, their identity, not by their actions or what’s seeping in their heart.

Perhaps the pre-conceived idea of willing being prejudice co-exists comfortably among the people, making the fear of change irrational. Society forgets what they are criticizing, they become so numb to acceptance, but open minded to discrimination.

Perhaps the fear of society’s preconceived idea disfranchised is perhaps the irrational thought god intended. Perhaps the fear of change in my head may be the result of unity for all.

Society forgets that change is behind the key of a message board, but hidden by the word routed in hate. But society becomes so oblivious to this message and ignores the opportunity to make a change…. To be the change!

Societies discrimination has caused war from religion to the complexion of someone’s pigment. We are a society that dehumanizes all that is unique, we forgot that in this nation we are made from the sum of all things, the sum of race…. of cultural diversity.

We should stand up and stand proud, but instead we exploit varies degrees of corruption. We should embrace the passion of different ideological ideas of customs traditions, race and believes.

There is no law that is gonna change us. One day we the people have to change us! Societies ignorance puts a vail over their eyes, they turn their back on the cause of hate not realizing people are plagued by the pain in their hearts. Some would rather die than be who they are. Doesn't humanity see that these people are fighting for something much bigger than themselves……. fighting for racial equality.

These people are demoralized and immobilized by the racial tide of caucasians, but are still protesting to the house whose color resents their own. Fighting for humans who have had their god given rights stolen. Fighting for an urge to not give up to change society by walk-ins, sit-ins and boycotts. Fighting to live on…… To be themselves.

From liberal to radical society has taught and preached extreme hate towards people of race who they believe are inferior to them. Society believes that the racial tide of caucasians is the trident race. That a sanctioned oppression over a race should be enforced.

Though society forgets one thing, that love in the eyes of god is equal to all his children, theres no boundaries or limits. Its Human rights for all their is no difference.

A hypercritical society soaked in Poison.
A society that presses play, but I some may call a visionary press pause.
To fight for freedom until where all equal perhaps thats the preconceived idea I believe in!

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