Equality in Love

Choice is a conscious decisions

We choose what we wear

And what we say

And what we do

But Love is not a choice

Love is a feeling

Mysterious and dangerous

Silently screaming

Determined to be felt

And for whom

Is no more a choice than by whom

But still we disapprove

"Abomination," Religion scoffs

"Unnatural," whispers Tradition

And the next in line hear and decide

With no thoughts of their own

We lose another generation to belief's from the past

"Gay" is added to a bank of forbidden words

And they grow to use "fag" as an insult 

Generation after generation

Year after year

When will it stop? 

When will homophobia become as scarce and shamed as racism?

When will we stop trying to cure something that is not an illness?

When will fear of ourselves stop stealing innocent lives?

When will we accept them?

When will they accept me?


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