Black, White, Asian, race or any color 

We're no different nor better than all or each other 

We are all sisters and brothers 

Not by blood nor by skin 

But by the spirit that is within 

Those who were shot, their life is running thin

Yet they are those with the "color" on their skin 

We need to stop the violence and to allow equality in 

Taring each other down and killing all around 

Hearing gunshots is a sudden and normal sound 

Shootings on the left

Dead bodies on the right 

Got me running around and hearing my heart pound

Hearing on the news: 

" A young black boy, shot dead and was found" 

" A white female girl, dead body was buried in the ground"

" An asian kid was kidnapped, without anybody hearing a sound"

Screaming and hollering, "Give us freedom, equal rights, and equality now!"

With all this chaos, corruption, and power


We say we want freedom, rights, and equality for every minute and every hour 


People say they want it now 


But in my head I’m thinking “How?!” 


If our heads are too deep and yet we are drowning....


Drowning too deep of every second, to a minute, then within every hour.....


Drowning in our silence, without any voice nor no power 


We say: 


“Black lives matter!” 


“White lives matter!”


“Asian lives matter!”

Yet we need to chatter:


" That Equality matters!"



This poem is about: 
Our world


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