They say the norm is man & woman.. But who really said?
How can you look me in my face & judge me for the person I choose to love?
What about the women getting beaten? 
Battered & bruised by their husband?
But choose to stay because society looks down on divorce.. 
What about the women crying out to a man that forgot she exists? 
Or what about the painful reminder to the women that were forced to lay down & take it? Tried to fight back but they just couldn't break it..
When he crept between her legs & took what was hers? 
But that's what society says.. 
Man & woman belong together, 
forget the hurt & the pain they've caused because "the bible says so". 
Idk about you but my God isn't a selfish God, 
why should I be rejected for finding my true happiness? 
For looking into another woman's eyes & seeing straight to her heart? 
For falling in love with someone based on their character & not their gender? 
Who are you to judge me? 
When The life you're living is full of sin. 
You drink, you party, then raise your hand on Sunday to my God?
 How dare you point a finger at me when you have 4 filthy ones pointing right back at you? 
I have all these questions too, Like who are you to tell me that I can't marry the women of my dreams, yet instead a man? 
Who are you to tell me that just because of my sexual orientation I won't make it to heaven? But just like you said there's women unhappy struggling in their marriage because divorce is looked down upon, 
And speaking of those men that creep between her legs, 
the men who force themselves in, taking her innocence.... 
Do you really think it's fair to just make this a sin greater than any other sin? 
All sins are equal and yes I've read the scriptures in the bible but do you guys know how god himself feels? 
No? Right ! Nobody does.. 
But why is it that you pastors, ministers, teachers, priests, even our own friends and family preach to me that the life I'm living is full of deceit.. 
Well god I ask you.. 
Can you see that I'm happy? 
The woman I look to and see right through, to love her Does it hurt you?
Or as I recall aren't you the unconditional loving god the one that anyone can turn to?
Or didn't you send your only beloved son Jesus to die on the cross so that we can repent too? 
Society is fucked! 
This world is fucked! 
You people are fucked! 
And with the faith In my god I will never give up!
Love has no face, 
Love discriminates against no race, 
Love is blind It can only feel, And my feelings are real, 
they flow threw my blood shot veins, They pump through my chest, 
They give me goosebumps 
They drive me crazy.. They have me at a loss of words
but god can I ask you something? Is this any different from a man loving a girl? 
All you dumb fucks out there, Tell me this. . 
Would you rather love a man or woman that treats like you like shit?
Or would you rather love a soul, that's pure, that's healthy, 
that's loved you regardless and shows you how much you're worthy? 
Or let me ask you this.. 
Are you going to let religion, 
something we have more than one of, with more than one belief to let you stray away from the one you love.. 
You know the one that once you're without you can't breathe? 
Yes god destroyed the city of sodom and Gomorrah,
But do you guys know that it wasn't just because of homosexuals? 
Do you guys know that they engaged in bestiality, having sex with other species 
Do you know that they raped men to degrade them, to show their hatred.. 
They raped Angels thinking they would get super powers.. 
Only god has the power to tell me what is right ! 
And I've prayed, and I've prayed, Asking for simple signs... 
I see states after states approving what you people don't think is right. 
Gay marriage... Why can't we all be equal..why can't we all be treated fair? 
You see you Christians are so hypocritical 
You wanna condemn me for my affection to one of the same gender, 
But you can go out get drunk, and have sex before he puts a ring on your finger? 
God knows my heart, 
God planned my life for me!
And just remember those filthy things pointing back when you try to raise that finger at me, condemning me, 
Love is an emotion that we all feel, 
So who are you to tell me what's right, wrong, or real?


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