Epitome of Altruism

Epitome of Altruism


“Live and breathe kindness

Selflessness is a guidance

It is a lifestyle

Helping you fight through every trial”


Roaming about the world in which we live

Seeing the people take but never give

Corruption, selfishness, and deceit plagues our home

Waiting for a magical light to be shown


As night time nears

I remember my fears

The pain suffered throughout the years

Again my eyes fill up with tears


The wretched feeling of solitude

Consumes my heart and burns my mood

Knowing no human is there to hear my cry

I take a deep breath and look up to the sky


“How beautiful,” I say

A shining wintry crystal lighting the way

As I hoped for it all to be over soon

Little did I expect to find the ever-illuminating Moon


Staring off into the wild blue yonder

My heart, for this blessing, grows even fonder

Although I cannot help but question

The altruism the Moon has in her possession


Does the Moon not tire

From constantly being a supplier?

Every night bringing light

Surrounded by evil, but helping us fight


The Moon lives in a lonely state

Where quietness lives in her wake

But she never fails to appear every night

She never fails to bless our sight


Everlasting darkness is what surrounds the Moon

But she never lets it taint her warm motherly tune

And although she wears dark circular scars

She shines even brighter than the shimmering stars


Never does she complain

About hardly ever being at gain

Pure, protective, and persevering

Forever irradiating and cheering


Much we can learn from the resilience of the Moon

Selflessly rising every night of the year, June to June

With her hidden heroic role she displays

Never receiving even a single praise


Why is it that we constantly commit many a selfish action?

Why is it that evils have become an attraction?

Why can we not love and assist one another?

Why is it so hard to live in peace and harmony together?


There comes a time where even the Sun and the Moon coexist

Their differences they had long dismissed

They only assist each other in bringing out each other’s light

In their lowest moments, they give each other might


As the Moon shines from up above

She smiles at us with a heart filled with love

Her radiance is contagious, and we begin to smile through the tears

When scared of the dark, the Moon helps us fight our fears


Shining her brightest when the night is most dark

Healing hearts when they are breaking apart

Giving hope, when all hope is lost

Inspiring dreams, when all dreams have been tossed


Singing the world to sleep with her calm soothing voice

Appearing with different shapes, but still keeping her poise

No one can find it in their heart to hate the Moon

All they want is for her to come again soon


We, too, can be like the Moon

Singing her selfless tune

Seizing every opportunity to offer a hand

To help another who is stumbling, stand


We, too, can set aside our tainted mentalities

Treat each other as family, and set aside the formalities

Be there for one another through thick and thin no matter the case

Just as the Moon extinguishes darkness with her pearl-shining face


We, too, can be a guiding light for others

Bounded by heart, if not mothers

Regardless of if the world around us is dark

It should never stop us from giving another a spark


Never should we hesitate to comfort a broken heart

You could be giving another a brand new start

Never should we hesitate to inspire a smile

For maybe they had not in a long while


When you give and love, your heart is filled with sweet serenity

It helps you acquire a sense of identity

When you give and love, you, in fact, do not lose at all

You only gain the ability to humbly and warm-heartedly stand tall


All of this may have become a foreign concept in the world we live today

But if you do not believe what I say

Go ahead, ask our beloved Moon, who we see every night

She will tell you nothing has been said more right


She continues to shine every night since the beginning of time

She is more than happy, absolutely fine

The amount of illuminance she supplies is beyond belief

Just as is all the grief she replaces with relief


Let us all strive to be like the Moon

A brighter world will come about soon

Selflessly helping each other with our many a fight

As we take inspiration from Dear Moon’s ever-lasting light


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