I see the world in shades of grey

On the surface of it

A hypocritical, superficial environment

Teeming with bright lights of the media

But underneath the glittering layers

Of coveted perfection

Lies the dark world of humanity

Pride, wrath, greed, envy, lust, gluttony, sloth

They are known and seen everywhere

And yet many choose to be blind in life

But beneath the tragedies of Pandora's box

A tiny heart of hope beats on


I see myself

Through the window of my mind's eye

I break the shield

That protects me from myself

I uncover the forgotten memories

As small as leaf in the wind

Yet is part of the tree of my soul

I dig up the sins

Which have haunted me

An internal ice that burns


I see the silence intrinsic of me

The broken glass of my insecurities

And I endlessly ask the mirror

"Is this all there is?"

My reflection answers,

"No, your life will mean something

When you cut the rope of nothingness,

Your vision of helping others shall come

Your heart will be a sun of love.

One day child. One day."









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