Disappointed overstrain by the rain;
Oh, how he gets so mad because 
I’m not feeling sad; that is his bad,
He looked at me with lowered eyes
Like he was about to cry,
Because he was trying to make me 
Change my mind about everything
He loves playing his mind games,
But he knows I will get even,
I never need to say a word,
My eyes tell the story,
A story he knows so well,
No one ever heard a word from my mouth,
While I started walking away;
But the old town clock ticked 
Just like my pounding heart,
It is about to be dark,
I could hear the breathing of the crying wind,
Calling out to me again;
Then an old man walked up to me 
Saying I would like you to meet my friend Steve,
He was so very young this I can see,
But his eyes hold stories of another kind, 
From another time; where butterflies are flying around
The field of sunflowers; upon top of a beautiful hill,
This is a place he calls home;
But the more I looked into his eyes;
I could see he is telling lies,
His look is only a mask, to hide who he really is,
This I can see is another trick from Dark Angel,
So, I played along;
Then the old man smiled and said;
I’ve been told you are having trouble sleeping,
It is a lonely state to be in;
It is a condition we all must face when we lose faith,
You lose your way as you get older;
time grows shorter,
Oh, my dear let me not stumble you,
While the old man and his friend walked away 
With big smiles on their face;
While I hear a voice out of nowhere saying;
I’m looking for a soul to cling to;
could it be you I’m looking for? 
that is when I see Dark Angel looking my way,
letting me know I am not safe,
this old town has eyes all around,
I see something dark in this place,
all the street lights are wrapped up in tape,
everything is starting to look strange;
Dark Angel; looks at me like I lost my sanity,
Then he laughed at me, in the rain,
Did you save anything for the poor?
Do you have anything in your pockets to give?
Then I looked at him saying, I have only what is in my heart
To feed the slaves what it is I know from long ago,
I have no change of wealth in this dark life,
But I have something better,
that will help them to learn to forgive,
‘’Moonlight,’’ have you made your self a victim?
In a game, you could never win,
It looks as if you are caving in
and the game hasn’t even started yet.
Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

The Queen Of Darken Dreams


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