Entry 7

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 01:47 -- Mungo18

I asked you

for this discussion

i asked you

to learn

to understand


damn you for not being punctual 






here I am

who are you?


who am i?




I am you!


What do you name yourself?


call me Id


Freudian intro.


but redundant


But accurate

to our discussion

my questions

and my answers



That logic means.

i am greedy


greedy to a point

we both want

everyone wants


That's obvious

but the means

the practice

to get what i want

i desire it differently




it's basic vices

no one is oddly different 

from how they want it

the means they which to get it

But my means are the worst





I am the incarmation of that monstrousity

this monstorusity being the human condition

the simple nature of life


but i shouldn't want it


that's why i exist out of logic

logic of there being more

more to gain

to have more of what you want



yet, even then, thinking of it

my greedy, glutonous


the way i want it

i shouldn't think of it


we are but human


it's desires

desires you have surpressed

guilt from thought

should not be any guilt from thought

you held back

you allowed yourselves to have control


why did i?

i could've have snapped

i could've been that person

on the news

the new prisioner

the new criminal


but you didn't


i think like one


it's not enough

to feel accomplished that you didn't

it's not enough?


it's enough for me


why is that?

because it is wrong

the acts are wrong

thinking then must be wrong?

having an idea of the wanting to do the act is wrong?


it's the fear

the thought provokes the reality


it is our decision

so far

you have proven control


damn being in control

i hate feeling guilt



it's irritating

it's hatred of myself


then are we doomed?



what do you think?


don't hate yourself

you dedicate to being better

to be improving

to help others

to want to value others


But i still

we still

hurt for wanting to think less than

cause we are scared


maybe the idea is that our core

proves to be a blessing

blessing to be a humanitarian

or try

or see value

in others

to see that everyone is worth while

everyone is deserved a sense of love


but a curse

because of fearing

to become less than

less than nothing






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