Entertain Yourself

When I was in middle school, I got bored very easily

As if the world's inhabitants were made to appease me with their amusing conversations and abilities, my life was as an audience member

But no contender was able to quench my thirst for entertainment and amusement in everyday life,

So when the strife of trying to find a means of happiness was in vain, I flipped it on its head

And instead of waiting around for my next jester to entertain me, I became my own.


People think that I make jokes to make them laugh, idiots.

Because instead of me trying to appease the world with my humor and emotion,

I make a commotion about everything because it keeps me amused,

And when I'm accused of being an idiot or a freak for my weird faces,

There's no change in my pace as I laugh at their ignorance.


I don't wait around for someone to cheer me up, 

My self-entertainment is enough.










This poem talks about how throughout middle school, I would make faces at everything, and not say much. I became my own source of entertainment as I sat back watching the world like a movie. When I became an extroverted high schooler, this turning into instead of me just watching, I became my own spectacle for all to see. I didn't care if they didn't like the show I put on, because it was for my own fun. Enjoy!

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