She chose the path they told her to,

yet she could not recognize the face,

she who stared back from the mirror.

You are not enough.

Was it the glass breaking under the weight of stress,

was it she?

A mind so powerful,

yet snuffed by the Elders to be

wasted on her youth.


She shattered expectations,

that were not meant to be upheld.

Regained footing on the path.

Her own chosen path of life

brought Acceptance of the past,

the present,

the future.

Growth became her. 


She intwined with the soul.

Synchronized at last,

the beasts of burden and pain set free.

Her soul had finally known peace.


Dense fog escaped her soul,

whispering her mantra as it disipated into the air;

Enough burden.

Enough pain.



The will of fire lit up within

at first on embers,

so soon its flame grew wild.

A will that could only grow stronger,

fueled by the words;

You are enough.


She had clarity and determination at her side,

nothing could douse the fire within.

The flame,

she used to score the ground

and carve a path through darkness.

In the end,

she stood tall,

shedding a grateful tear

for the journey that brought her here.



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