Enjoy The Spirit

Matthew 6:33             New English Translation

33 But above all, pursue his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.


To enjoy the Spirit


To know God is to love Him, but who really knows the Lord?

Is it the Holy Spirit Who is always with me to set me free?

Well, the question is: “How do I know or the Spirit is on board?”

Maybe you treat Him as a servant and not an important guest to be


To be in touch with God, you need the Holy Spirit

To communicate at all you need the awareness in your spirit

To have just an idea is who you are in the spirit

You need the Lord Jesus Christ who brought new life to you


Enjoyment in God’s presence depends on your inner-being

Awareness of this happening may be beyond your soul

That seems to you impossible for self-worth is built on seeing

Products of your involvement in the commitment and your goals


Jan Wienen 

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