English 101 and Me


English 101 and Me


By Sarah DeWeese


A poem you ask, about me?

For English 101 you see.

Well --- I am quiet, I am shy, kind, but sure.

I am not vivacious, but tenacious and so much more.

At the age of 16 I am nice and lean.

I have a sister and a brother. Both younger in age.

They are both tyrants, but it is all just a stage.

I like to take flight, into that oh so stunning sight.

That celestial sphere, makes me almost shudder in fear.


Strike two, nearly out --- one more pitch,

here we go, all-out.

Stroke stroke stroke, breathe, stroke.

Trying to stay afloat, don’t choke.

One more hole, focus, don’t stress.

The green is for you. Do not depress.

Sports, food, guns, and planes

They are all my forte, this is what remains.


Pouvez vous parlez Francais?

Maybe not, maybe yay, or maybe just some other day.

I have travelled near and far.

France, Canada, Virginia, New York...

I could continue, but this is where we are.

Take Bell over, go north on Scottsdale road;

a few more streets and you’re at my abode.

Now what is black, white with a hint of yellow?

It is I of course! My dear old fellow.

Five, four, three, two, one...

The bell has rung. English 101 has now officially begun.


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