When you look at someone you care for,

you do not see their imperfections; you do not see their mistakes

all you can see is the glorious light that they cast on you,

filling you to the brim with light; bursting with restless energy,

even if they do not mean to;

and every day will float lazily by

as you view them from afar, or close by

whether it be a friend, lover, or stranger.

And if they return this same expression of energy

If they share this intense care for you, whether you know it or not

they may shy away-or  they may profess it to you-

or they may leave you in the dark,

to scared to move of breathe near you;

not allowing you to do more

than look upon their outer surface of being

And as painful as it may be

you must push on, stride forward

because love is a strange thing to have

when it is not returned



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