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The Great Pyramid of Giza,also known as Khufu,is the oldest,largest,enigmatic,Pyramid,beauty,of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World. The Three Pyramids are aligned 2 match up with Orion,a prominent Constellation,named after Orion,a Hunter in the Greek Mythological world. So,were the Pyramids encoded with Advanced Mathematical Principles,for eventual sight of us Humans,of this 21st Century Globe? The question is,were the Ancient Egyptian culture,purposefully involved in Mathematical Concepts,Captured from Where?-----Nobody knows? Perfect Geometry,not seen,as in Modern World Geometry,baffles The Archeological World. The Understanding of; Energy, Power, Magic,could be Sealed in these Pyramatical Tombs? AMetaphysicalLeap is Needed 2 Understand the Reasonings,behind, The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids In our World? ©12/08/2021. Wired6.


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