Enduring Love

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 10:20 -- Jayy


I love the touch of your warm hands running through my hair.

How we share the Safire stars that holds the skies together.

I cherish the moment when you drop a heart of white chocolate into my coffee.

The precious ties of endless peaceful love come together swiftly and contiguously.

And the roses that reside in our gardens rich soil that bares only the finest gold.

What can I envision, but a charming and quietly put together soul?

I wish only but the stars to glance your way and land into your hands.

Free from the sands of time that sometimes we only see from a distance.

But your not like the others, they only see the end, not the present.

To you, I give of myself completely, and true, for you are the one I trust with my heart.

I express to you my hearts beating with full meaning of your single touch.

You reach me deeply, like a dance under sparkling showers.

Holding me close, safe in your arms and secure from harm.

It's easy to share my deepest secrets, and know you'll never deceive me. 

Looking into your eyes, I see the future clear and without any doubts.

How you move mountains into cotton candy, sweet for my tongue to taste.

You change the direction, or the rivers current just from a glance of your brown eyes.

I know this is how much you love me. 

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