Endure it


Happiness dies with innocence, where that dies its hard to tell may think they are still young playing the warm sun until it is time for supper but when does that fade? When you get a job, when you see your family die, when you don’t have one. To say death do us part and happiness will come from that is a lie. It doesn’t get better…you only get on the ride again..you endure the pressure and fear to have that peak of excitement then back down and down. Why does everyone just have to accept the heartaches and move on what if you don’t want to> then you are weak and pathetic . no one can be happy. Just a fact. One must endure sadness before they can see the joy. But sadness is an addiction that just wont fade. Take another drag feel that suffering before you get to smile. But you can only smile once so don’t get use to it. people don’t make you happy..bring them joy will only make you see that they don’t care about you. They will take what you give and destroy it. Being alone is only worse because society tells you need a companion even if you want to explore alone so when they aren’t there you feel empty. Feelings don’t help they don’t make life. Even if you could start over again and gain you will find happiness is just a word…an interpretation a sin…get use to the lack of smiling and accept life the way it is. Don't question just give in because you will only make it worse. Say its okay and hide the tears so you don’t have to explain once again why you feel empty, while you’re alone, why you want everything they have, why there shouldn’t be a you, why every night that mask comes off and you are faced with yourself,,,your hateful self. Put the mask on..hide your tears endure your fears and enjoy the illusion they call life


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