The Ends

The dewdrops in the morning seem to weep. 

Such short lived beauty, so little to keep. 

Such tranquility in a single drop,

Yet so small that it can't even be cropped. 


The sun in the high noon sky seems to scream. 

Such fury, such passion, such blazing heat. 

A slow and treacherous path it must take,

Only at dusk to find it a mistake. 


The wisps in the colored sky seem to sink---

Sink because they know their hues aren't to keep. 

For rose blushes and loveliness must end,

Fading into blackness around the bend. 


But each day is a new day and will bring something great, 

Whether it be the dew, the sun, or the smile on your face.

So don't let life's sorrows ever bring you down,

Or allow your lasting expression to become a frown.


Through the good and the bad I'll stay by your side,

Whether you are the fading stars or the sun at its high,

For each beginning is some beginning's end,

It's the world's unconquerable method of amend. 


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